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Financial Planning Services

Wollen Michelmore Financial Planning has a clear purpose which is to help you achieve your dreams, hopes, aspirations and future plans. Having agreed a course of action we work creatively with you to ensure that these plans are workable and affordable.

The practice was established to provide you with quality impartial financial planning advice of the highest professional standard.

We offer fee based financial planning and wealth management advice to private clients and charities. The firm is jointly owned between Paradigm Norton Financial Planning and Wollen Michelmore Solicitors.

Wollen Michelmore Financial Planning employs one of the most talented and highly qualified teams of financial planning professionals in the UK. We are financial planning and tax planning experts.

It is the combination of our insightful perspective, our goals based financial planning methodology, our focus on delivering excellent service and our team based approach to problem solving that makes Wollen Michelmore Financial Planning unique.

Our Approach

Our service begins with a full appraisal of your current financial position and likely future goals. We then, where appropriate, financially model the goals that have been articulated, taking in to account affordability or otherwise. It is this financial planning process that forms the basis for the creation of our client’s investment portfolios.

We actively encourage the input and involvement of the other professions where for example it would be helpful and appropriate to work alongside your stock broker or your accountant. This ensures that all your financial affairs are considered as a part of the process of implementing an appropriate investment strategy for you.

Our team-based approach to planning genuinely encourages creativity. We have a desire to carefully craft and create a unique solution for you.  No two Wollen Michelmore Financial Planning Clients are the same, and nor are any of the solutions that we offer to our clients – we believe that this represents an unusual but refreshing approach to financial planning.


One of our main strengths is our team-based approach.
We like a challenge and we are fun to work with. We want to spend time with you - to understand what makes you tick.
We believe that a team-based approach creates better solutions for you.


We employ one of the most talented and highly qualified teams in the UK, whose expertise is in taxation and financial planning.

We seek to join with others where we have determined that our partners can create for you more added value than we could on our own.

We insist that our partners work with you on a fee basis also ensuring their impartiality and transparency. It is our job to ensure that our partners work to the same exacting standards as we do.


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