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Law firm climbs to new heights…


The name of Devon law firm Wollen Michelmore has reached new heights – almost two thirds of the way up the highest mountain in the world.

Climber Brian Ellingworth, 53, raised the Wollen Michelmore ‘flag’ when he reached the base camp of Mount Everest standing at nearly 18,000 feet.

His link to the solicitors is Nikki Stewart, a receptionist at their Torquay office and his fiancée!

Brian, an IT consultant, is no stranger to adventure. He has climbed Kilimanjaro and successfully completed the Three Peak Challenge.
It was from the top of Kilimanjaro that he proposed to Nikki via a video link after laying his Mum’s ashes at the top two years ago.
His son was with him and the two of them are planning to climb Mount Tutka in Africa at the end of this year.

Nikki said: “We are planning our 2020 wedding combined with a three-week honeymoon and we are going to do the East to West Coast of America, mostly by train but hiring a car in between to see the highlights.

“We are currently saving for a round the world cruise when he semi retires in five years or so. He is an adventurer. He loves exploring and can fly a plane – I made sure he is insured!”

Brian also cleans the Penguin tanks at the Living Coasts attraction every fortnight and is Deputy Safety Officer for Plymouth Argyle.
He owns a Triumph Spitfire - he is currently rebuilding the engine - and a Volvo just like The Saint used to have.

Why did he elevate Wollen Michelmore to new heights? “I was told to,” was his honest answer.


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